A Glam Winter Wedding at the Grand Bohemian Hotel in Orlando, Florida

Sarah Cook (29 and works at Florida Tennis Center) and Steven Elmer (34 and an entrepreneur) met at Steven's old place of employment. Sarah stopped in on day and the two started talking. Steven made Sarah laugh until she snorted. He thought it was incredibly cute and after that he was hooked. When Steven decided to propose, he took Sarah to a Ponce Inlet Lighthouse to watch the sunset. When he revealed his plan, Sarah went into instant panic mode — she has an intense fear of heights. When they arrived at the lighthouse, Steven spent twenty minutes waiting for Sarah to get mentally prepared to climb the over two hundred steps to the top. All of a sudden Sarah decided to stop thinking and start doing. She took off running up the stairs at full speed with Steven on her heels and didn't stop until they reached the top. After catching their breath they walked out onto the observation deck to enjoy the ocean view and sunset. Before she knew it, Steven was on his knee, professing his love and asking for her to marry him. For their wedding, the couple chose February 14th as the date to say their “I do’s.” Instead of the expected red and pink color palette, the couple decided to go a totally different route, choosing an elegant Gatsby meets winter theme for the affair. Glitter, sequins and metallic touches were key for bringing their vision to life. For the ceremony, golden trees dripped in crystal strands, tea lights and cascading orchids adding a modern, whimsical touch to the Grand Bohemian Hotel’s pool deck. The reception was the picture of glamorous opulence, the couple dressing the tables with shimmery linens, lush arrangements of snow-white blooms and formal, cool blue stationery. Candlelight was incorporated throughout, working the icy blue uplighting to create a romantic, wintery scene. The wedding also marked the 28th anniversary of Sarah’s aunt and uncle’s wedding. As the greatest example of a loving marriage in Sarah’s life, it was important to her to honor them both, so as a surprise during the reception, she and Steven played their first dance song.