A Glamorous Garden Wedding at San Diego Botanic Garden in Encinitas, California

When Jillian Hunter (28 and a publicist) moved in to the apartment next to Adam Thayer (33 and a software developer), she got more than just a new neighbor. “Within days, we were casually hanging out, getting drinks with friends and going to dinner,” Jillian says. A few weeks later they were dating. Six years after that, Adam proposed on their favorite San Diego beach. The couple’s outdoor wedding at San Diego Botanic Garden in Encinitas, California, was an energetic fusion of glitzy old-Hollywood glamour and fresh, bright shades of coral and pink. Their ceremony also blended tradition and modernity: The bridal party walked to Maxence Cyrin’s piano version of “Where is My Mind?” (originally by the Pixies), and Jillian (a proud Scot) entered behind a live bagpipe player. At the on-site reception, Jillian and Adam’s 145 guests reveled in the “tacos and tequila” theme instead of the traditional dinner and dancing. In a nod to Adam’s love of surfing, each table was named after a local surf spot. “One of my favorite places to be is the dance floor, so my goal was to have everybody dancing,” says Jillian, who gave the DJ an “extremely curated playlist” to keep guests grooving. Though the planning process can be trying, Jillian and Adam tried to find joy in the personalized details and in having the day reflect their tastes and interests. “When it comes to marriage, never stop laughing or smiling,” Jillian says. “A partner is there to share the ups and downs. Life is a crazy roller coaster, and it's so important to find time to smile and laugh with each other.” —Carolyn Meers