A Glamorous, Modern Wedding at Villa Banquet Room in Westminster, California

Glamorous never looked so good in gold and white. Eunice Ma (31 and a business administrator) and Jesse Liu (32 and a business administrator) had a modern wedding at the Villa Banquet Room in Westminster, California, which was perfectly captured by Michael Farmer Photography. White elements at their wedding included the flower arrangements of roses and hydrangeas, which were scattered throughout the hall with floating candles, and the bridesmaids' bouquets that each consisted of a single variety of flower. The sparkly gold bridesmaids dresses, the gold chiavari chairs and the groomsmen's gold ties are some of the features that added a decadent gold touch to the festivities. Eunice and Jesse had a nontraditional ceremony in honor of their favorite food: the donut. In what they dubbed "the donut unity ceremony," the couple dusted donuts with two different kinds of sprinkles and ate them together. At their reception, Eunice and Jesse also had a donut dessert table, which was displayed with a selection of their favorite quotes. They ended their night with a beautiful black and white wedding cake, electronic dance music and a sparkler exit. "There is only one goal for your wedding, and it's not having the most perfect, flawless wedding," Eunice says. "The goal is to get married. Once you realize that, it's simple: have fun, and make sure everyone else is having fun."