A Glamorous New Year's Eve Wedding at The Loading Dock in Stamford, Connecticut

With hopes of throwing a New Year’s Eve party in New York City, Katie Freedman (31 and a fashion director) and Benji Salter (36 and a cardiothoracic anesthesiologist) instead booked The Loading Dock in nearby Stamford, Connecticut. “It was hard finding a venue that could accommodate us for the holiday,” Katie says. “The Loading Dock was flexible and large enough to hold a crowd.” Whimsical clock details, requisite party hats and a 1920s jazz band all helped Katie and Benji bring their roaring New Year’s wedding to life. Immediately after the ceremonious ball drop, the band kicked the celebration into high gear by playing “Shout” for the crowd. A half hour later, partygoers refueled with slices of Domino’s thin-crust pizza paired with bottles of Peroni. “It’s Benji’s favorite guilty pleasure,” Katie says.