A Glamorous Pink Wedding at The Vault in Tampa, Florida

Shannon Sanders (37 and a director of risk management at Heritage Insurance) and Bruce Lucas (45 and a chairman and CEO at Heritage Insurance) had a glamorous, pink soiree filled with dozens of flowers. “Our vendors did an amazing job of flipping the space during the cocktail hour, while reusing some of the ceremony décor for the reception,” Shannon says.  A show-stopping 16-by-16-foot ombré flower wall took the place of a traditional altar. “The venue was literally dripping with flowers,” Shannon says. The couple reworked the giant floral backdrop from their ceremony as a focal point for the reception. Shannon and Bruce wanted to include their children as much as possible, so Shannon assigned the job of flower girl to her two daughters. They peppered the aisle with rose petals and held a sign that read, “Mr. Bruce, here comes the love of your life.” Bruce’s son walked Shannon down the aisle.