A Glamorous Winter Wedding at The Terrace Gardens Event Center in Centennial, Colorado

Inspired by the winter season, Jessica Sullivan (28 and a teacher) and Tim Schoeninger’s (30 and a material coordinator) wedding embodied all the best things about the chilly months. “We chose a simple color palette of white, nude and slate gray,” Jessica says. “We wanted a simple yet elegant feel to match the lightly falling and sparkling snow.” Abloom worked with the couple to create beautiful calla lily floral arrangements, which added a pop of green into the neutral color palette, and Two One Photography gorgeously captured all the details of the day. “St. Thomas More Catholic Church was a no-brainier, as it was the church where I grew up and into my faith,” Jessica says. “Tim and his family are also Catholic, so getting married in a church was never a question.” Since the church was naturally pretty, with shades of green and gold throughout the room, the couple decided to keep decor to a minimum. They continued their festive soiree at The Terrace Gardens Event Center in Centennial, Colorado, which they decorated with Christmas lights and calla lily centerpieces. The couple wasn’t afraid to add a little glamour to their look, though, with ornately beaded bridesmaid dresses, sparkly silver shoes and even gold table numbers. At the end of the night, Jessica and Tim just wanted their family and friends to have a good time. “We wanted our guests to have fun dancing, drinking, eating and socializing,” Jessica says. “We even bought an extra hour from the DJ and bar staff because our guests weren’t ready to end the party!”