A Grand, Sophisticated Wedding at the Ohio Statehouse in Columbus, Ohio

Extravagant sophistication set the tone for Rachel Altiere (38 and owner of Sadie Baby Sweets Bakery and Ryan Cohen’s (35 and outside law enforcement sales representative) grandiose wedding at the stunning Ohio Statehouse in Columbus, Ohio. When the couple learned of the historic property’s availability, which is usually reserved for political events, they knew they had found a home to celebrate their first day as husband and wife. From the ceremony’s grand staircase, by which Rachel made her entrance, to the regal atrium where guests danced, dined and drank, the night was steeped in opulence. “It was magical. Our reception took place in the statuesque atrium, featuring large pillars and light marble flooring. The room glistened with mirrors, metallic and a warm glow from the candlelight,” Rachel says. There was another glow in the room that night, radiating from the beautiful couple. As Rachel and Ryan hit the dance floor that night, the Verve’s "Bittersweet Symphony" began to play. A wedding of this magnitude simply wouldn’t be complete without a symphony welcoming the couple’s union. —Ginger Harris