A Green Wedding at 514 Studios in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Talk about being green! Emily Haines (31 and an artist) and Parker Haines (41 and a customer-service supervisor for Whole Foods) filled their wedding with shades of green and gold and made sure everything was eco-friendly. They shopped at Bride to Be Consignment, a resale store in Minneapolis, Minnesota, for a lot of their decor, and they even bought compostable dinnerware from EcoProducts and Biodegradable Store. At the end of the night, they donated all the decor to a senior home nearby and helped a widower give flowers for the funeral of a friend who didn’t have the resources. Even some of the leftover food and bottled water from their potluck dinner was donated. Everything—from the cakes from Wedge Community Co-op to the flowers from Costco—was chosen with mindfulness and intention beyond themselves. One of our favorite details was Emily's vintage-style dress that was made by one of her family's friends. Needless to say, we're obsessed with this wedding. You have to see the details, beautifully captured by Emma Freeman Photography, below.