A Historic Ballroom Wedding at The Arctic Club Seattle in Seattle, Washington

Shantelle Dinsmore (26 and a dean of students) and Alex Dinsmore (25 and a production worker) met their freshman year while attending Central Washington University (CWU). One day Shantelle and her friend heard screaming in their dorm, which ended up being Alex and his friends playing video games. The girls started up a conversation and hung out with them for a couple of hours, which led to Shantelle and Alex exchanging numbers. Five years later, the couple attended the CWU homecoming game with some friends. Since they had time before the game, they decided to visit their freshman dorm for old times sake. As they were taking pictures inside the building, Shantelle turned around to see Alex down on one knee. The couple had their classical themed wedding inside the elegant ballroom at The Arctic Club Seattle  a historic building located in Seattle, Washington. The gold, black and coral color palette decorated the ceremony space that was later flipped into the reception, with a downstairs cocktail hour in between. The gold aisle runner was lined with a variety of vases filled with roses, surrounded by candles and rose petals on the ground. After the ceremony, their florist took the aisle decorations and turned them into centerpieces on dining tables sprinkled with rose petals. Also at the reception, a table had an assortment of flip flops in all sizes for guests to change into when dancing. “The Arctic Club said they had never seen so many people still dancing at a wedding at 1 a.m. in the morning,” says Shantelle.