A Historic Ballroom Wedding With a Nautical Twist at China Cabin in Belvedere Tiburon, California

Joy Sian (33 and a sustainability/CSR manager) and Brad Dixon (33 and a creative director) officially met at a friend’s birthday party and randomly bumped into each other in their Brooklyn neighborhood one month later. The couple dated for a couple of years and one day decided to pull over at a spot on the highway overlooking the Pacific Ocean to catch the sunset. Joy was busy taking a photo when she heard Brad say, “Hey, down here!” and found him down on one knee. The ring had his grandmother’s diamond in a new yellow-gold setting between two dark blue sapphires. The wedding took place at China Cabin in Belvedere Tiburon, California, a historic venue that was a former social saloon on top of an old steamship called the PS China. The couple wanted to have their wedding at a historic building to avoid having their marriage spot someday demolished. Their simple wedding was decorated in a color palette of white, navy and green. While Brad took the role of designing the invitations, Joy worked with their florist to choose arrangements that incorporated the dahlia, San Francisco's official flower. At the dessert table, Berger cookies were served to pay tribute to Brad’s roots in Baltimore, Maryland, and red velvet cupcakes to represent Brad’s love for when he lived in Charleston.