A Historic Wedding with a Modern Twist at Castle Green in Pasadena, California

Jeff Moskowitz (38 and a producer at Walt Disney Imagineering) and Josh Shaver (33 and a project coordinator at Walt Disney Imagineering) celebrated their five-year anniversary together by going to Hawaii. Josh took Jeff to the island of Oahu for breakfast on the sandy beach, followed by a romantic walk by the waterfront. Once they returned to their blanket, Josh took out a photo album titled “You and I” that was all about their memories together. The last page had a picture of the beach waterfront they were sitting near, and at the bottom it read, “Now it’s just you and I, so what do you say? With the sand at our feet and as witnessed by the deep blue sea…” As Jeff looked up from the book, Josh asked him to spend forever together. The couple had their classic, elegant wedding at Castle Green in Pasadena, California. Jeff and Josh chose this location not only so friends and family could visit the historic venue, but also tour the area where the couple spent their lives together. They incorporated a navy blue, tan, mint green and silver color palette to assist with decorating the historic estate with a modern twist. The ceremony took place on the lawn at Castle Green under a magnolia that represented Jeff and Josh’s southern background. The reception was inside the estate, where tables were dressed in beige tablecloths with navy napkins and decorated with wood box centerpieces filled with masculine accents of artichoke, cabbage, ferns and thistle. Instead of traditional wedding favors, the couple decided to make a donation to Stand Up To Cancer for loved ones who were lost and couldn’t attend their special day.