A Jane Austen-Inspired Country Wedding at a Private Residence in Cedar Grove, Wisconsin

Joanna Anderson (21 and a project manager assistant) spent the year before her marriage to Jesse Pacchioli (22 and a student) neck deep in Jane Austen’s “Pride and Prejudice” researching and writing her senior honors thesis, so it didn’t come as a surprise for the couple to want a Jane Austin-inspired wedding with a country twist (which came from the gorgeous ranch venue). “Dear family friends offered their wooden fence lines, grazing horses, untamed grassy meadows and gorgeous flower beds to host our special day,” Joanna says. All the details of the day were done by the family and friends—including her amazing French lace wedding dress! “Elizabeth Bennett’s bridal gown rather trumped anything I saw in stores,” Joanna says. “However, my frustrations did not last long, because my dear friends actually offered to make me the Elizabeth Bennet dress I had always wanted. So I bought the lace told them to think Pride and Prejudice. From stitching together the delicate ivory lace to threading beads and frills to the sleeves, they put more love into the garment I wore for a few hours than I could have possibly imagined.” Joanna’s aunt woke up before the sun the morning of the wedding to go to the local farmer’s market to make all the organic floral arrangements and Joanna’s father bound together willow branches for the wedding arbor as well as officiated the wedding. “And I can’t tell you how many times I called up my maid of honor and dragged her to my house to glue lace, cut burlap fold invitations, tie ribbons and practice my wedding day make-up on me,” Joanna says. One of the best parts was the alternative, personal Bible guest book. “We laid out a Bible and had the guests underline or circle the verses that encouraged them in their marriages—the passages that helped them say sorry and stay together when it was hard,” Joanna says. See all the amazing details captured by Gloria MacKinnon from Gloria Ruth Photography below.