A Kate Spade-Inspired Beachside Wedding at Sanderling Resort in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina

Even though mutual friends had already introduced Katey Clark (32 and co-owner of Lemon & Lime Event Design) and Matt Blauvelt (32 and owner of local Jiffy Lubes) at various get-togethers, it wasn't until a Halloween celebration aboard the Urban Pirate Ship that the pair first hit it off. While they were vacationing with family in the Bahamas, Matt caught Katey completely off guard with a beachside proposal. "Even though it was the perfect time to propose, I had no idea it was coming because we'd talked about getting engaged sometime in 2014 but this trip was in 2012!" says Katey. "My sister and I gifted our parents with professional family photos on the beach and while the photographer was snapping pictures, I turned around to check out the sunset. When I turned back around, Matt was on one knee and it was the shock of a lifetime!" As a professional wedding planner, Katey knew that expectations were high when it came time to start planning her own destination wedding at Sanderling Resort in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. A navy, pink and gold color palette set the tone for a preppy affair while oversized paper flower and gold bow accents lent a whimsical feel. Although their wedding took place steps from the beach, Katey and Matt didn’t want a traditional beach theme. "We wanted the ocean to serve as an amazing backdrop minus sand and seashells as decor," says Katey. "Our wedding vision was classic Kate Spade, prep-meets-the Outer Banks."