A Kate Spade-Inspired Napa Valley Wedding at Solage Calistoga in Calistoga, California

Alexandra “Alex” Sklavos (32 and a makeup artist) and Myles McCormick (44 and an entrepreneur) met while working in London, England. Myles, from California, and Alex, originally from Australia, became good friends before their relationship evolved into something more. “Contemplating a relationship with someone who lived on the other side of the world seemed crazy,” says Alex, who admits she was resistant to the idea at first. As time passed and their feelings grew, “I knew I had to at least give it a try,” she says. They dated long-distance for nine months before Alex moved from England to California. “We have everything in common. We are best friends and partners in absolutely everything. I can’t imagine life without him," Alex says. While planning their wedding, Alex—who had worked as a professional ballerina and forged many friendships while living in five countries—wanted visiting friends to feel like they were on vacation. “Napa Valley felt like the perfect choice,” she says. “Not only do we both love wine, but we got engaged at Solage in Calistoga.” Their goal was to throw a “big, beautiful party with all our favorite people,” Alex says. They didn’t want anything too traditional, too formal or too stuffy. They used a Kate Spade-inspired theme of black, white, gold, hot pink and black-and-white stripes to create a bright, fun and classy environment. It was important that guests ate well, drank well and danced to great music—everything from Elvis and the Beatles to Justin Bieber and Bruno Mars. “Seeing everyone dancing and having fun was a great feeling,” Alex says. “Having every person you love in the same room—or even the same country—for me was very special. Everyone ate, drank, laughed and danced the night away.” —Chrissy Sorenson