A Laid-Back, Homey Wedding at Rosen House Inn in Fort Worth, Texas

rn Allison Eaves (29 and an administrative assistant) and Steven Russell (30 and an audio engineer) wanted a small wedding at a cozy venue that felt like home, and they couldn’t have picked a better venue than Rosen House Inn in Fort Worth, Texas. Their intimate celebration was relaxed from start to finish, with no pressure and no set schedule, just the way Allison and Steven wanted. Even their attire was laid-back: Allison wore a casual, detailed Free People dress with green suede flats, and Steven wore a striped button-up with a suede jacket. The decor included lots of greenery and wildflowers, inspired by Allison and Steven’s love of the outdoors, accented by beeswax candles on brass candlesticks. Steven loves to cook—he even made the reception meal. Allison's favorite part was after the ceremony when their families came together to eat the meal Steven prepared, tell stories, laugh and cry. “It felt so special to have the ones closest to me present. I didn’t feel like I had to perform—just completely be myself. Steven felt the same way,” Allison says. A rare snowstorm passed through the night before the wedding, and Nicholas L Photo was able to capture some stunning shots. See all the prettiness below.