A Laid-Back, Romantic, Rustic Wedding at a Family Farm in Presque Isle, Maine

Hannah Pickens (23 and a nanny, student and resident director) and Jacob Pickens (22 and a student, electrician’s assistant and resident director) grew up on neighboring farms in Presque Isle, Maine, but it wasn’t until they both attended the Berkshire Institute for Christian Studies in Lenox, Massachusetts, that the two really got to know each other. After two years of dating, Jacob popped the question, surprising Hannah with a movie trailer he made highlighting moments in their relationship and an impromptu celebration with all their family members and friends. For their wedding, the pair planned a laid-back celebration with lots of rustic, romantic flair at their family farms in Presque Isle. The ceremony took place in an open field at Jacob’s home, where the couple exchanged vows surrounded by lush forest and a vintage-inspired display of logs, lanterns, wooden crates and arrangements of full white and pink blooms. Hannah’s family’s 100-year-old barn hosted the reception, providing a warm and inviting backdrop for the afternoon’s festivities. Fairy lights and bunting hung from the rafters, while bunches of pink garden roses and gilded vines introduced an air of romance to the room. Wanting the day to feel more like an intimate family dinner than a blowout affair, dinner was served potluck-style, followed by an assortment of delicious homemade pies. “We both worked long hours while we were dating, but we could always count on Sunday afternoons to spend some quality time together, including family dinners,” Hannah says. “Our reception was much like that, getting together with our families to have dinner.” A tip from Hannah: “Planning a wedding is a lot of work and it's easy to get lost in the details. Jacob and I chose to keep things simple because our love is simple. A wedding should be a celebration of love, not a show. Keep it real and it will be the best day of your life.”