A Laid-Back, Rustic Farm Wedding at a Private Residence in Fort Collins, Colorado

Both Carrie Burger (36 and a graphic designer) and Tyler Weady (28 and an event producer) work for a brewery, so a friend's hop farm seemed like an appropriate setting for their wedding. "As an artist, I cared very much about the overall aesthetic of our wedding and how it would feel as an experience," Carrie says. "I paid attention to every detail ahead of time, so I could enjoy myself the day of." With all the greens of the hops field and the surrounding Rocky Mountains, she decided on a color scheme of coral and turquoise to stand out against the setting. From the invitations to the floral arrangements, 99 percent of the day's details were handmade. "I wanted the theme to feel rustic but modern," Carrie says. Since the venue was a little ways out of town, Amy and Tyler invited guests to camp on the farm overnight. "We had about 30 friends stay in tents and campers and that turned into its own little after-party," Carrie says. —Meghan Overdeep