A Lush Farm-to-Table Wedding at a Private Residence in Kenwood, California

Melanie Lyeth (28 and in the medical field) and Patrick Fenton (31 and in advertising) celebrated their wedding with an outdoor ceremony and a food-focused reception. “The only theme we were interested in was making sure everything was a representation of what we're truly into,” Melanie says. “Being outdoors with great food, better drinks and what truly matters to us—friends and family.” Peaches were an inspiration for the couple’s big day. “It reminded us so much of the day we got engaged, celebrating with both our parents over and an incredible dinner in the orchard of Dry Creek Peach & Produce,” Melanie says. Peaches made an appearance as colorful blooms in the bouquets and on the menu in a grilled-peach salad with prosciutto. Before the ceremony, the couple kicked things off with welcome drinks, where friends and family sipped signature cocktails like a Peach Palmer. Melanie and Patrick’s farm-to-table menu included corn and basil pasta, steak and halibut, along with heirloom tomatoes, fingerling potatoes and fresh beans as side dishes. “We wanted fresh, simple, good food—and lots of it,” Melanie says. Wine from Healdsburg, California, Patrick's hometown, and beer he brewed were served. The couple created 230 of their own labels on each bottle of the home brew, which was dubbed “I Do Brew.” Other special beverages included an array of whiskeys and Brennivin, an Icelandic schnapps. Tables covered in ivory linens, wooden signs accented with calligraphy vibrant blooms and Adirondack chairs around cozy fire pits added to the charm of the couple's outdoor celebration. —Marissa Hermanson