A Lush, Ultra-Stylish Wedding at The Foundry in Long Island City, New York

A year before Australians Sasha Leibowitz (28, a fashion editor) and Oliver Benz (27, a model) officially met, they happened to strike up a conversation at a Halloween party in Sydney. Like all classic love stories begin, she was dressed as a bride from hell and he was wearing a Zoro mask. A stranger (who had a bit too much to drink) passed by and commented on what a happy couple they seemed to be. "Without blinking an eye or consulting each other we turned to him and told him we had been happily married for years and had three kids at home and rambled on about their names and our faux married life ," recalls Sasha. "And then, as you do at a party, we went our separate ways and forgot the drunken conversation ever happened." A year went by and when they were introduced by a mutual friend, they had no recollection of ever meeting, let alone their faux marriage. About a year into their relationship Oli joked to Sasha, "Whatever, you're not my true love, I met my bride years ago at a Halloween party." And it finally hit her: he was Zoro! After an elaborate New Years Eve proposal on the beach, Sasha and Oliver (who had since moved to Brooklyn) began the daunting task of deciding where to have their wedding. After considering a number of far-flung locations and ruling out Australia, they decided to invite their guests across the world to celebrate with them in New York City. With The Foundry as their their industrial-chic backdrop, the stylish couple went about planning their nuptials. Drawing on her impeccable taste and international design connections, Sasha immersed herself in every aspect of the day—from the votives to the custom crop-top bridesmaid dresses. Soft, dreamy florals transformed the space into a lush urban oasis that felt more like an enchanted garden than an event venue in Queens.