A Luxe Multicultural Wedding at Oheka Castle in Huntington, New York

Long Island–based newlyweds Tivara Grant (28 and an attorney) and Carl-Robert Paul (27 and a registered nurse) are skilled at keeping secrets. “We didn’t share our venue location until the invitations were sent out six weeks before the wedding,” Tivara says. “We knew we were creating a feeling of suspense, but we weren’t prepared for our family and friends’ reactions.” One other detail Tivara kept under wraps: her custom-made ball gown. “Aside from my mother, no one saw the dress prior to the ceremony,” she says. “As big as the dress was, I danced in it all night." Partygoers were encouraged to wear black for the formal, adults-only fete. “It was beautiful to see everyone in black against the all-white setting,” Tivara says. A custom white runner emblazoned with the couple’s black monogram marked the alfresco aisle, and onlookers kept warm with black pashminas. The final surprise of the night occurred when stilt performers danced to reggae and soca music during the lively reception. “Our Caribbean crowd loved it,” Tivara says. The playlist served to honor her and Carl-Robert’s respective Jamaican and Haitian heritage. “Everyone was on their feet and dancing the whole time—it was a struggle to get them to sit down for dinner," Tivara says.