A Luxurious Fall Wedding at The Venetian in Garfield, New Jersey

Nancy Sharobeem (27 years-old) and Andrew Sharobeem (28 years-old) have a special love story and engagement that’s just as beautiful as their wedding.“Andy and I met as teenagers at a Coptic Orthodox church convention that gathered several of our communities across the U.S. in one location,” Nancy says. “I was living in Massachusetts and he was living in New York at the time. We met and remained acquaintances, losing touch for seven years. Seven years later, Andy serendipitously ended up going to his medical residency an hour away and we reconnected just as friends. Shortly thereafter, everything started falling into place and we quickly went from best friends to the beginning of something more. Then eleven months later, we're engaged! Get ready, because Andy’s proposal was incredible and beyond unique. Little did I know his plan (that he admitted took him months to secretly put together) began to unravel on a beautifully crisp and sunny November afternoon. After spending much of the day at Central Park, we began walking along the Mall, the tree-lined promenade in the park, and out of nowhere came what I thought were actual paparazzi at the time. They kept calling us Kourtney and Scott, asking about our lives and where we went to dinner the night before. I began to laugh hysterically in utter confusion. Andy kept moving and smiling as if it was just another day in our lives (I had assumed it was because he knew people had a tendency of coming up to me and asking if I was Kourtney Kardashian, it happens oddly all too often). By the end of the promenade, with multiple pictures taken and more questions unanswered, I found familiar faces running at me, yelling at the top of their lungs. They were holding signs; written on them were the most romantic sayings Andy & I would recite to one another. I noticed my sister, my brother, his brother, my parents, his parents and my friends ,who traveled from all different states across the country, as they came crowding around us with the adorable signs in hand. Overwhelmed by simultaneous excitement & tears, I didn't notice Andy behind me on bended knee and his brother directly behind him holding up a sign. As I turned around, I read ‘Will You Marry, Andy?’ looked down and there he was -- my future husband. He asked, I immediately said yes, and he planted the most beautiful yellow rock on my finger. Our story took an unexpected turn, when the proposal grabbed none other than Anderson Cooper’s attention! He invited us on his live show for a Valentine’s Day special on proposal companies and people who use them. Andy had the help of the Heart Bandits, an internationally acclaimed proposal company.”The couple chose to have their wedding at The Venetian in Garfield, New Jersey.“We looked far and wide and found this venue to be the best fit for us,” Nancy says. “We were going for an overall classic and elegant theme and this venue embodied just that. Also, they offered an extensive array of services that we felt would have us stress free and our guests happy on our wedding day. The Venetian is also known to have one of the most grand cocktail and Viennese hours around. For example, the cocktail hour covered almost every cuisine and culinary preference you could imagine. From ice luges to sushi bars, every station wowed the guests. Needless to say, everyone there was pampered, not only us. For dinner, the Venetian allowed us to customize a filet mignon, chicken and fish dish to our exact specifications. We had an open bar for our guests with top shelf premium liquor selections.”