A Modern, Black-Tie Barn Wedding at a Private Farm in Toronto, Ontario

Natasha Koifman (president of NKPR) and Anthony Mantella (an international race car driver) pulled off a moody black-tie bash with rustic touches for their spring wedding at a farm just outside Toronto. Guests arrived to the wedding in their best black-and-white duds, bundles of fresh white florals topped black dining tables and white pillar candles filled the black vintage-inspired terrariums that dotted the perimeter of the wood barn that housed the reception. The couple’s signature cocktail, “To the Moon and Back,” was even made with black vodka. While the theme was in full swing for the reception, Natasha and Anthony opted for an understated aesthetic for the ceremony to keep the focus on the setting's natural beauty. The pair exchanged vows with the estate’s historic barn as their backdrop, then invited guests to join them in making a wish and releasing sky lanterns. As for the attire, Natasha put her own twist on tradition, cycling through three couture gowns throughout the evening. “All of them were black—it’s my power color,” Natasha says. “It makes me feel confident and comfortable.” The newlyweds used the menu as another means of showing off their personalities, serving up a selection of dishes from their favorite local spots, including comfort food from Fidel Gastro's and Blizzards from Dairy Queen. To hold guests over until dinner, cotton candy and cocktails were served pre-ceremony.