A Modern, Bright Wedding at Hibernian Hall in Charleston, South Carolina

Amber Durgom (26 and a server) let her mother take the wheel while planning her wedding to Patrick Tarantino (28 and a golf shop assistant). "I've never been the girl who dreamed about her wedding day," Amber says. "I dreamed about finding the perfect guy, but the details of a wedding couldn't be farther from my mind." Luckily for her, she had her mom to help line up all the details and create a bright, springtime wedding at the historic Hibernian Hall in Charleston, South Carolina. There were two main pieces to the wedding that Amber helped decide: the bright fuchsia and blue colors (Amber’s favorites) and the unique peacock feather centerpieces made by her mom. The rest of the wedding was simple and intimate. Long dining tables were lined with a variety of candles on tulle, which created a warm glow at the reception. One more creative, fun detail: As a nod to the surf shop where Amber and Pat first met, guests signed a blue striped surfboard with their well wishes. David Strauss Photography perfectly captured all of the details!