A Modern, Elegant Wedding at SkyStudio in Los Angeles, California

Samantha Shoushtari and Kye Dohrmann's wedding at SkyStudio overlooked the sprawling Los Angeles skyline. Upon exiting the elevator on the 30th floor,  guests were greeted with a welcome glass of champagne before being ushered to a sleek ceremony space in front of floor-to ceiling windows. A golden arch with elegant flower arrangements anchored the space, while supplies for a Persian sofreh aghd ceremony stood beneath it. "We decided to write our own vows, which gave our guests a deeper look into our love story," Samantha says. "There wasn’t a dry eye in the house." The reception stayed true to the wedding's modern theme. Guests were offered a tequila shot once they arrived, and they could also choose from an open bar, three signature cocktails and cognac blended by Kye's father. The couple had a mix of round and long tables covered with gray linens, which they topped with table numbers, gold flatware, black menus and towering flower arrangements with pink roses and greenery. "The flower bridges standing on our tables gave the illusion that flowers were hanging from the ceiling," Samantha says. "We wanted the florals to complement the very high ceilings in our reception space without blocking the views of downtown Los Angeles." After eating delicious desserts—including cookie cups and chocolate-covered strawberries—guests danced until the last possible minute. 
Our favorite #MakeTradition moment: Since Samantha's father is from Iran, the couple incorporated two Persian traditions into the wedding. "A sofreh aghd is a traditional wedding ceremony spread where legal marriage and ceremonial traditions are exchanged. The table includes many symbolic items, which represents a couple’s new life and marriage together," Samantha says. "For the sugar ceremony, we sat beneath a canopy held by female family members and members of the bridal party. This canopy signifies that the bride and groom are now combined under the same umbrella or roof. Happily married women (starting with family members, and then expanding to friends among the guests) take turns rubbing sugar cones together above the canopy. The sugar granules sprinkled onto the canopy, signify a showering of love as the couple begins their 'sweet life' together."