A Modern, Formal Wedding at Yale Union in Portland, Oregon

Jason B. (29, a physician) and Jason H. (30, a physician) met while they were in the same group of friends their freshman. Both felt a deep connection

Jason B. (29, a physician) and Jason H. (30, a physician) met while they were in the same group of friends their freshman. Both felt a deep connection when they became roommates their sophomore year, but it wasn’t until the following year that they began to date. Jason B. lived in Germany for a year, and during that time Jason H. came to visit. One night, the couple went to Oktoberfest with friends, and on their way home talked about how they wanted to marry each other. Jason B. made a ring out of a piece of paper and proposed to Jason H. when they got off the subway. Since then, the couple went back and forth proposing in non-formal ways until they actually agreed to pick a wedding date. They had their wedding at a venue called Yale Union, which was a venue that had been converted from an industrial space. The couple loved that Yale Union had simple white walls, large windows and a tall ceiling so they could decorate the modern, masculine wedding day with endless possibilities! Jason B. wore a classic black suit while Jason H. wore a bluish gray suit. Their wedding attire went along with their color palette, which was a combination of black and gray accented with glass elements, with the exception of the burnt orange invitations. The couple felt what most reflected them was the two food trucks they hired, picking one each to show not only their different tastes in food, but their individual personalities that meshed so perfectly together.

The groom and their groomsmen black ties were purchased from The Tie Bar, an online mens ties store.
Jason and Jason leaned outside the window of their brick venue, Yale Union.
“We chose a venue called Yale Union, which is an industrial space that has been converted for events,” says Jason B. “It's tall ceiling and white walls with large windows really appealed to us.”
The grooms stood at the front of their altar with their officiant and wedding party during their wedding ceremony.
Recessional While Holding Hands Down Aisle
The couple glanced at each other as they posed with their wedding party, with the bridesmaids dressed in black short dresses and groomsmen in black tuxedos.
Sitting Shot of Happy Couple
Married Couple with Urban Backdrop
“We wanted a place that we could decorate ourselves, a place where we could bring in vendors of our own choosing, and a place that was modern,” says Jason B. “Yale Union allowed us all of those things and we couldn't have been happier with the choice.”
“We wanted the wedding to be masculine and modern, so we chose a neutral palette of black, grey and glass,” says Jason B. “We had just a few accent pieces as far as flowers went. We chose white orchids to go along with the neutral color palette.”
An elegant arrangement of white lush orchids were placed in a square glass vase on blue covered dining tables.
The three-tiered wedding cake was dominantly white with black at the bottom of each tier. A "J" with a two in the corner represented that both grooms' names were Jason.