A Modern, Glam Vow Renewal at The Skylark in New York City

Twenty years ago, Ron and Mark Ramsey eloped at city hall with no friends and family by their side. "As a gay couple, we were not able to legally marry until 2011," Mark says. "The day it became legal in New York (shortly after we moved here), we were at the courthouse, making it legal. Because we did it like that, we didn't have time to plan and invite family and friends to be with us." Fast-forward to today, where they managed to pull-off an anniversary celebration (and a 50th birthday party for Ron) at The Skylark in New York City. "We thought it'd be great to have an event to celebrate our anniversary and Ron's birthday and also have the wedding reception we never had," he adds. The grooms loved how the venue provided "a real New York experience" for their guests—some of whom traveled from different countries and states to attend the festivities. The event kicked off with a surprise vow renewal on the rooftop overlooking the famed Empire State Building. From there, guests headed inside the restaurant for a modern reception filled with tall centerpieces for added drama. And of course, no wedding or birthday, would be complete without cake. Theirs had candles to boot.