A Modern Glam Wedding at Pazzo's in Chicago, Illinois

Felicia Muse (28 and works in procurement) and Bart Bullock (27 and works in chemical engineering) went to preschool together and reconnected years later, so they wanted their wedding venue to look and feel as special as their love story. After visiting Pazzo's at 311 in downtown Chicago, the couple fell for the venue's soaring glass ceiling, towering indoor palm trees and elegant marble features. "It was everything I never knew I wanted," Felicia says of the space. From there, they personalized the contemporary space with bold hues, striking blooms and distinctive details. "The palette came together organically,” Felicia says. “I love orchids, and they inspired me to choose fuchsia for the bridesmaid dresses.” This vibrant shade was paired with navy, purple, soft pink and glittery gold accents for a modern yet glamorous look. The skylit atrium was illuminated with natural daylight for the ceremony, with an ornate fountain acting as the unconventional altar and focal point. The room was then transformed for the upbeat reception, which boasted dramatic floral arrangements, romantic floating candles and those signature eye-catching orchids. "I think the wedding as a whole really reflected us," Felicia says. "It truly was a party." —Samantha Meux