A Modern Industrial Wedding at Stable Cafe in San Francisco, California

Lauren Sloan, 30, and Taylor Wakefield, 39 met while living in NYC and dated there for a few years before moving to San Francisco. Taylor, director of business operations at Rackspace, proposed to Lauren, owner and event coordinator at Ryder Sloan Events, one night at home. He presented her with a box of new champagne flutes, saying that he hoped they'd be toasting their engagement that night. After Lauren said yes, they walked over to nearby restaurant, Saison, for a celebratory 18 course meal. "We would eventually marry in that same space -- now called The Stable Cafe -- eight months later. Small world!" says Lauren. Since Lauren owns her own wedding event company, she was an old pro at planning. Her inspiration was her love of blue and white ginger jars, which became the basis of her color palette: blue and white with golden accents and neutral linens. Ginger jars -- and their intricate floral patterns -- were seen everywhere throughout the day. They marked the entrance to the ceremony aisle, were placed decoratively on reception tables and were even mimicked in the blue and white wedding cake. The juxtaposition of the antique-inspired ginger jars with the overwhelmingly organic, industrial space of the restaurant wedding venue ended up being the perfect mix of vintage and modern aesthetics.