A Modern, Light-Filled Wedding at Six01 Studio in Burbank, California

Rachel Koukal (31 and a designer for the Walt Disney Company) and Joshua Kirsch's (31 and an artist) backgrounds as kinetic light artists inspired the electrifying, modern aesthetic of their “Love & Light” wedding in a Burbank studio, filled with custom neon signs. “Everything centered around our neon light art installation,” Rachel says. “We chose elements that either reflect or emit light, from the sequins on my gown to the neon hanging in the rafters.” The bride custom-designed the hexagonal, iridescent invitations. Before the wedding, Joshua solely crafted and installed the faceted aluminum backdrop for the ceremony. “Instead of a veil, I designed a delicate geometric headpiece to go with my space goddess look,” the bride says. Later, Rachel’s look at the reception reflected the neon theme—literally. “I created my second look by adding about 8,000 sequins to a generic black neoprene gown that I found at a discount store,” she says. The couple included recyclable dinnerware to avoid wasting water during the drought. “Instead of table numbers, we thought it’d be fun to use neon sculptures as table designations,” Rachel says. “Using the sculptures as symbols, I designed the table chart.” In place of a cake, Josh made a Krispy Kreme donut display reminiscent of a three-tier wedding cake. “He even animated the neon so it would flash like an old Las Vegas sign,” Rachel adds. On top sat two 3-D-printed body scans of the couple in nylon—procured from an industry fair.