A Modern Loft Wedding at Centered Chef in Chicago, Illinois

With the Chicago skyline in the backdrop, Rachel Maurer (26 and an engineer) and Adam Arcus (30 and a photographer and engineer) couldn’t pass up the opportunity to have a totally customizable wedding with top-notch food in the urban loft at Centered Chef. Both the bride and groom rocked their personal styles in their wedding-day fashions: Rachel’s silk ivory wedding dress was simply stunning with its pearl, crystal and blue opal beading across the sheer neckline. Adam went a little more traditional, but not in the way you might expect: “Adam’s family is Scottish, and Scotland has always been his favorite place on earth,” Rachel says. He promised his great-aunt that when he got married, he would do it in full Scottish formalwear, with the kilt tartan from his family’s Morrison clan, so the groom wore two outfits at the wedding. He got married in a semi-traditional kilt and switched to a tuxedo for the reception. Because Rachel and Adam enjoy traveling and have studied and worked abroad extensively, it inspired their wedding theme. They also share a vintage style that they show off at home. “We chose the design aesthetic because it was something that truly meant something to us. It is how we are decorating our home together. It’s what we look for when we go places and see items that excite us,” Rachel says. One wedding detail that decorates their home are their flowers, all made of balsa wood. The couple’s takeaway? “We did all the planning ourselves. Looking back it was crazy, but we had a wedding that meant everything to us and reflected our personalities,” Rachel says.