A Modern, Orchid-Filled Wedding at The Joule Hotel in Dallas, Texas

“Amanda, I’ve met your husband. Call me back,” proved fateful words from a matchmaking cousin. When Amanda Waldman (27 and a school counselor) met Logan Sherman (29 and a chiropractor) for the first time, he was picking her up from the airport, with chicken nuggets (her favorite) in tow. The two have been laughing together ever since—even when he got stuck in an elevator on their wedding day. Luckily, the fire department arrived in time to break him out. The ultra-modern venue was vamped up to sexy, city chic with orchids everywhere—their terrace ceremony included a lucite chuppah decorated with white orchids, ghost chairs and a backdrop of twinkle lights. That all-white ceremony décor was transformed into festive jewel tones for the reception. “I wanted guests to experience the dreamy, romantic vibes of the ceremony and then when they arrive downstairs—bam—it’s party time,” says Amanda. Later, breakfast tacos were served as a midnight snack.