A Modern Rooftop Wedding at Chez in Chicago, Illinois

Although high school sweethearts Kelsey Stiegman (23 and a fashion editor) and Logan Rinkenberger (24 and a quality assuarance manager) live in New York, the couple returned to their home state to tie the knot on the rooftop of Chicago’s Lacuna Lofts. “Colorful graffiti covered the walls, and it had a beautiful view of the city skyline,” Kelsey says. “We couldn’t have picked a better spot.” Kelsey knew a typical wedding dress wouldn’t do, so she set out to create a unique custom design with the help of the Kleinfeld Bridal team. “I tried on an ivory full-length gown and asked them to make the detachable skirt shorter,” Kelsey says. “They cut off three feet of fabric while I was literally still wearing it. When I looked in the mirror I immediately started crying—I had found my dress.” The Harry Potter superfans also got innovative when incorporating music from the movie’s soundtrack into their vows, and reading from Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince during the ceremony. No flowers were needed in Kelsey’s succulent and air plant bouquet. Kelsey's father handcrafted their faux-copper arch using PVC pipe and painted lightbulbs. The celebration then moved downtown to Chez in a whitewashed loft bedecked with mixed metallics, geode accents and a six-foot-tall doughnut wall. Lucite chairs and oversize Mylar balloons decorated the modern venue.