A Modern Rooftop Wedding at the Mitchell Lofts in Dallas, Texas

Justin Yoder (35 and a wedding photographer) and Patrick Thompson (37 and a lighting designer) met right after Justin came out and as fate would have it, the stars aligned—Patrick is the only man Justin has ever dated.  Once they got engaged, the pair knew they wanted an unconventional rooftop wedding with modern, elegant touches. To secure Justin and Patrick's venue, the couple's engagement photographer convinced the building manager of her loft apartment complex to allow a ceremony on the roof. “Don’t be afraid to look into nontraditional venues,” the couple says. The duo kept the ceremony classic with black tuxes and touches of greenery, but branched out with personal elements, including adding their dogs as members of the wedding party. After the religious vows, guests enjoyed Texas barbecue and a half-chocolate, half-champagne cake with wood-grain fondant to match the invitations, all lit by a personalized logo designed by Patrick that was projected onto the building