A Modern, Rustic Wedding at the Bissell Tree House at the John Ball Zoo in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Derrick and Garrett Walker paired a palette of pale blue and navy with a tree house venue and enchanting extras to give their early-summer wedding a playfully modern twist. The day kicked off with a ceremony at the Fountain Street Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where the couple personalized the proceedings with a glass pouring ceremony, during which a close friend performed one of their favorite songs, “How Does a Moment Last Forever” by Celine Dion. “The words of the song, the way she sang it in the cathedral, along with Garrett and I symbolically joining our families, was wonderful,” Derrick says. As self-proclaimed Harry Potter nerds, the fun-loving pair incorporated tributes to the wizarding world throughout. “We had a snake and an owl at the reception, our boutonnieres were lilies (a nod to Lily Potter) and our cake topper was the word ‘Always’,” Derrick says. The Bissell Tree House at the John Ball Zoo served as the backdrop for the day, providing a serene and unique setting for the festivities. Set in the treetops, the sleek natural wood and stone structure lent an organic feel to the event. To amplify the effect, the couple dressed up the reception tables with wood-burned tree trunk table numbers, stone accents and delicate bundles of baby’s breath. Taking advantage of their venue’s unique amenities, Derrick and Garrett invited guests to take a walk through the zoo before the reception began. After dinner (which featured a gourmet coffee bar), the newlyweds and their guests grabbed colorful glows sticks and made a beeline for the dance floor!