A Modern, Unconventional Wedding at Hot Damn, Tamales! in Fort Worth, Texas

The jewel-toned wedding of Angela Dupont, 35 and a director of marketing, to Benjamin Hall, 32 and a band director, boldly put a non-traditional twist

The jewel-toned wedding of Angela Dupont, 35 and a director of marketing, to Benjamin Hall, 32 and a band director, boldly put a non-traditional twist on classic wedding traditions. The unconventional progression of their wedding events at Hot Damn, Tamales! in Fort Worth, Texas, started with an intimate seated dinner for the 18 guests prior to the ceremony. The couple’s wedding was infused with modern elements, most notably displayed in Angela’s bridal fashion: She wore an emerald green dress, gold birdcage veil and an emerald engagement ring. A transparent cake stand gave the illusion the asymmetrical wedding cake was suspended mid-air. All but three of the couple’s wedding guests were musicians, so the couple’s friends took over the music: A classical guitar and jazz quartet provided top-notch entertainment and dancing music at the reception. Angela and Ben exited to a snowy shower of ecofetti and hopped into a vintage car to round off their magical, intimate celebration.

Angela’s unique and unusual engagement ring contains a delicate, natural emerald set in rose gold. Megan Thorne Designs in Fort Worth helped design a stacked ring set, so that on heavy manual labor days, Angela can safely remove the emerald and wear her two wedding bands.
Angela kept her accessories simple with a gold birdcage veil, crystal earrings, and an arrow bracelet from a street fair that reminded her of Ben. She also wore navy glitter heels from Kate Spade that coordinated with her husband’s navy blue custom suit.
The menu cards doubled as escort cards, with each person’s name added to the top of the menu card. Gold chargers provided the base for navy satin lamour napkins and gothic gold china.
Blue Dining Table with Gold Accents
Hot Damn, Tamales! Wedding Venue
Tied with flowing gold ribbons, the asymmetrical bridal bouquet included a loose blend of white roses, ranunculuses, orchids, peonies and tulips.
The couple displayed a modern, asymmetrical white cake with a gold floral accent. It appeared suspended mid-air on a transparent cake stand.
Single Long Blue Dining Table
“Our look was strong on the jewel tones,” says Angela. “We lightened up the ambiance with all-white flowers and a touch of glass and sparkle.
Classical Guitar and Jazz Music at Reception
Hand Calligraphy Blue and Gold Invitations
Angela and Ben wanted a candlelit ceremony, so they chose the unconventional route of having their dinner first and the ceremony after. They had a gold sequin background draped on the windows of the venue, and lots of vases with candles on each side of the altar. Guests were seated in two semi-circles.
First Dance at Hot Damn, Tamales! in Fort Worth
Angela and Ben requested that their guests would wear white or gray tones since they would be wearing bright colors. Their guests showered them with ecofetti, a snow-like dust, for their grand exit.
Ben wore a custom suit made by Mario Rojas Custom Tailor in Fort Worth: a Scabal Blue Birdseye two-piece suit and an Egyptian white cotton shirt. He wore a single white ranunculus boutonniere along with a pocket square to match Angela’s emerald dress.
Black and White First Kiss
Vintage Car Transportation from Hot Damn, Tamales!