A Modern, Unconventional Wedding at Hot Damn, Tamales! in Fort Worth, Texas

The jewel-toned wedding of Angela Dupont, 35 and a director of marketing, to Benjamin Hall, 32 and a band director, boldly put a non-traditional twist on classic wedding traditions. The unconventional progression of their wedding events at Hot Damn, Tamales! in Fort Worth, Texas, started with an intimate seated dinner for the 18 guests prior to the ceremony. The couple’s wedding was infused with modern elements, most notably displayed in Angela’s bridal fashion: She wore an emerald green dress, gold birdcage veil and an emerald engagement ring. A transparent cake stand gave the illusion the asymmetrical wedding cake was suspended mid-air. All but three of the couple’s wedding guests were musicians, so the couple’s friends took over the music: A classical guitar and jazz quartet provided top-notch entertainment and dancing music at the reception. Angela and Ben exited to a snowy shower of ecofetti and hopped into a vintage car to round off their magical, intimate celebration.