A Modern Wedding At The Del Marcos Hotel In Palm Springs, California

Melissa Wallin (31 and a professional architect) and Seth Hanley (39 and a professional architect) met in a mutual friend's kitchen while raiding the fridge for beers. "It was clearly a union meant to be!" Melissa says. They began dating a couple years later, moving to San Francisco to found an architectural design firm called Design Blitz together in 2009.Melissa and Seth got engaged in New York City in December of 2013. They were having dinner at a ?restaurant in Chelsea after watching the tree lighting at Rockefeller Center. "We were sitting at the kitchen bar watching the chef shave truffles into a pasta dish. The entire atmosphere was intoxicating and I was waxing on about love, relationships and joked about how we had been together for six years and maybe should think about getting engaged," Melissa says. "Seth reached into his jacket and pulled out the ring right then and there. For probably the first time in my life I was speechless. I thought we had been quiet and low-key about the whole thing but all of a sudden champagne was being delivered and toasts from strangers were being made. It was magical."?Melissa and Seth had their ceremony and reception at the historic Del Marcos Hotel in Palm Springs. It was one of their favorite vacations spots, in addition to having a "magical aura" for them. Their color palette was inspired by the mid-century desert vibe of Palm Springs. They went with a vibrant, bright color scheme, but it was mostly pink to orange ombre with pops of navy and yellow. They DIY'd everything from the invites, graphics, wedding "brand and logos" to the stationary to actually building the entire wedding site and selecting every single piece of rental furniture and decor.In keeping with the DIY theme, the couple sourced and made all of the cheese platters, small passed appetizers and created a dessert bar with desserts from Whole Foods. "It was so much less expensive than a formal cake and was a beautiful and yummy addition," Melissa says.