A Modern Wedding at the Millennium Hotel in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Two very vintage obsessions brought together newlyweds Fred (31 and a business analyst) and Robert (51 and a web developer) when they met in 2007. "We each have unique hobbies that brought us together," Fred explains. "Robert collects vintage washing machines and I collect vintage vacuum cleaners. ?When my collector's club needed a new website, they just happened to hire Robert to build it. We later met at one of the club's annual conventions and had an instant spark." For their June wedding in the heart of the city, the couple quickly began interviewing planners to help facilitate their big day. "We hit the pavement and started interviewing planners at the beginning of September," the couple says. "We decided on Simply Elegant Bridal Consulting pretty quickly and later secured a venue and photographer by the end of October." Since the two wanted to highlight their shared love of the city, Fred and Robert settled on the Millennium Hotel, thanks to its stunning views of the Minneapolis skyline. "The venue has a really cool, early-60s design and feel," Fred says. "It was gutted and renovated in 2013, but it's certainly consistent with our love of everything vintage!" After exchanging vows in the dome on the venue's top floor, the newlyweds put a personal twist on their ceremony by pouring two lines of vintage Tide detergent on a piece of carpet and vacuuming it up together using a Hoover that dates back to 1955. "It represented the uniting of our lives," Fred says. "We got laughs, cheers and even a standing ovation. It was pretty amazing."