A Modern Wedding in Denver, CO

Alissa moved to Los Angeles after college, where she crossed paths with Matthew. She was originally from Denver and he from Boston, but they knew a lot of the same people. As time went on, Alissa realized she wanted to be more than just friends. “I tried to play it very cool,” she says, and dated Matthew casually for a couple of months. Then, at a friend’s wedding, they spent the entire night dancing. That’s when Alissa knew Matthew was the one. The Bride Alissa Alpert, 29, a wardrobe stylist The Groom Matthew Joblon, 28, a real estate developer The Date September 6 He proposed on their three-year anniversary, surrounded by flowers, champagne and candlelight. “I was so shocked, I just kept screaming and laughing,” says Alissa. And of course, she said yes.