A Modern Wedding in Detroit, MI

Kristin and Andrew, both on the cheerleading squad at Iowa State University, were temporarily paired together one day when their partners were sick. From that day on, they kept finding excuses to talk and hang out. They never had an official “boyfriend/girlfriend” talk, but they guess they started dating when Andy spent his 21st birthday watching a movie with Kristin instead of going to a bar. The Bride Kristin Moore, 27, a medical student The Groom Andrew Schumacher, 28, a mechanical engineer The Date September 12 Five years later, Kristin and Andy were visiting friends and family in Chicago for New Year’s. They were ice skating in Millennium Park when Kristin noticed that Andy was acting kind of strange as they turned in their skates. He was sort of stalling and fumbling around in his coat pocket -- and as their friends started walking away, they were all grinning. That’s when Andy pulled out the tiny ring box.