A Movie-Themed Wedding at the Museum of the Moving Image in Long Island City, New York

For self-proclaimed movie buffs Liz Rosado (31 and a lawyer) and Adam Howard (34 and a researcher), getting hitched at the Museum of the Moving Image

For self-proclaimed movie buffs Liz Rosado (31 and a lawyer) and Adam Howard (34 and a researcher), getting hitched at the Museum of the Moving Image in Long Island City, New York was a no-brainer—they'd also had their first date there. “Even though we aren’t native New Yorkers, there was no doubt that Adam and I would get married in the city we love,” Liz says. “MoMI is a special place for us and also a stunning venue. We loved the clean, modern look of the reception space, and our ceremony was in a movie theater, which we found irresistible.” But the biggest selling point for the couple wasn't getting hitched in true cinematic fashion. The museum stayed open on the day of, so guests could explore. And the museum had a vintage arcade game exhibit, giving the couple's friends and family the opportunity to play games such as Ms. Pac-Man and NBA Jam when they needed a break from the dance floor. From start to finish, movie magic was incorporated into every aspect of the day. While guests waited for Liz and Adam to arrive at the ceremony, personalized movie trivia played on the big screen. The ceremony opened with music from the "Rocky" soundtrack and a vintage “Let’s all go to the lobby” animated program signaled the start of cocktail hour. "Star Wars" characters Han and Leia and their quotes “I love you” and “I know” served as the topper to the couple’s Momofuku Milk Bar wedding cakes, and Liz even surprised Adam by having a group of their friends sing “Take You Back” from "Rocky." “Since we were lucky to be getting married at MoMI, we included movie elements and feature films that were meaningful to our relationship—such as 'Rocky,' which is our favorite movie, or the James Bond films, which we watched together and chronicled on my movie blog,” Adam says. Vintage film reels took the place of traditional table numbers, and each table corresponded with one of the couple’s favorite James Bond movies. They even had a personalized marquee light for the occasion that read: “Together we can rule the galaxy”—a famous Darth Vader quote. A tip from Liz and Adam: “Plan, plan, plan! Then hire a professional who you know will execute those plans. We knew that we didn’t want to be distracted by the logistics on the day of our wedding, so hiring Leah of Color Pop Events was one of the best decisions we made. She made sure our plans and designs were carried out exactly as we had envisioned—or better!—and we were able to enjoy the magic of our wedding because we knew we were in very capable hands.” —Libby MacCarthy

“I didn’t want a traditional or an extravagant wedding ring,” Liz says. “So when Adam proposed with a simple rose gold, black-diamond solitaire with a halo, I was very pleased. Because he bought the ring at Catbird, a Brooklyn jewelry store, we also knew that the diamond was ethically sourced.”
With Adam donning a burgundy suit and the bridal party clad in blue, Liz feared that the aesthetic would take a slightly patriotic turn. “We asked our florist to use a bright and colorful palette, in keeping with the whimsical theme of our wedding,” Liz says. “She nailed it! The yellow ribbons she used in the bouquets and boutonnieres were a perfect contrast to the reds and blues.”
Even Adam’s ensemble embraced the movie theme. He donned a bold burgundy suit, which he accessorized with a “Star Wars” tie clip and a custom hankie, which Liz jazzed up with drawing of Tom Hanks.
While Liz originally envisioned a dramatic look for her walk down the aisle, after her hair and makeup trial, she realized that something more natural was way more her style. She opted for a natural glow with a dusty rose lip and subtle earthy eye makeup and wore her hair in soft romantic curls.
To make things as easy as possible for the ladies in their wedding day entourage, Liz and Adam let them choose their own dresses. “Our only requirement was that their dresses be in blue,” Liz says. “Everything else—shoes, accessories, style, length—was up to them. I loved the dresses everyone chose, and each one suited their style and personality perfectly.”
Traditional was out of the question for Liz and Adam when it came to matters of style. The couple took the modern route, with Liz donning a sophisticated sheath BHLDN gown with intricate beading and Adam sporting a burgundy suit and a striped tie.
“Because the ceremony was in a movie theater, we kept the decor pretty simple,” Adam says. “We had to keep in mind that we would be using the movie screen to play videos, so our florist designed a beautiful open circle that was low to the ground but still brought drama.”
“Instead of traditional readings, Liz and I surprised each other by picking a movie clip that we thought captured one of our favorite traits of the other,” Adam says. “I chose a moment of feminist empowerment from '9 to 5,' while Liz picked a Bill Murray monologue from 'Groundhog Day' because it captured my efforts to be the best person I can be on a regular basis.”
Movie-themed details were incorporated into every last detail, from the film reel table numbers to the custom marquee light, which read: “Together we can rule the galaxy”—a famous Darth Vader quote.
When guests needed a break from the dance floor, they explored the museum’s many exhibits, including one with vintage arcade games, where friends and family could try their hand at Ms. Pac-Man and NBA Jam.
In lieu of traditional cake toppers, Liz and Adam infused their Momofuku Milk Bar wedding cakes with a bit of movie magic, adorning each with “Star Wars” characters Han and Leia, in addition to their iconic quotes.
While movies and love were the main focus of the day, the couple sneaked in plenty of details that spoke to their love of New York City. For dessert, Liz and Adam served a selection of decadent cakes from Momofuku Milk Bar—a New York institution and the couple’s favorite place to pick up sweet treats.
At the end of the night, guests could stop by Liz and Adam’s “concession stand,” where they could indulge in the couple’s favorite movie snacks, such as M&Ms, Twizzlers, Twix and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.
In keeping with the movie theme, Liz and Adam equipped each place setting with a mini tub of popcorn that guests could snack on throughout the evening.
Both Liz and Adam were completely involved in the planning process and each decision they made together. “One thing that really helped us was having regular check-ins with each other,” Adam says. Every few weeks, we would go over our timeline and to-do list and make sure that we were on track. This really helped us avoid feeling overwhelmed as our bid day approached.”