A Multicultural Backyard Wedding at a Private Residence in Ottawa, Ontario

Karen Yip (33, a Restaurant Manager) and Eric Ehret (38, a Software Engineer) met online. "Being the shy, quiet people that we are, it is no surprise that we met online. We wrote back and forth for a month before we decided to meet each other face-to-face. Neither one of us could have imagined we'd end up engaged six months after we met in person!" Karen says. Eric's cute, unique proposal involved their fun pastime: "Both of us are into computer gaming, and ended up playing World of Warcraft together. In the middle of adventuring with our low level characters, Eric's character handed me a whole bunch of items to destroy into raw materials. As my bag emptied, I realized there was one item that I couldn't destroy--the Flawless Diamond Solitaire ring. The tool tip read: "Will you marry me?" I looked at Eric--I wasn't sure if it was a joke, but he looked pretty serious, so I said yes!" Karen recalls. The couple held their intimate wedding at Karen's parent's house, with a backyard ceremony and a tented reception. The ceremony was Western, while the reception was Chinese. "We wanted everyone to experience the joining of two cultures coming together," Karen says.