A Natural, Rustic Wedding at a Private Residence in Malibu, California

A private ceremony on the beach and a backyard reception in the mountains of Malibu, California—talk about the best of both worlds. "We chose Malibu as our site because of the combination of beach and mountain views," Daisy Estrada (30 and a case manager) and Winnie Louie (35 and a psychologist) say of their marriage. "We love spending time in nature, and the natural scenery on the beach served as the wedding decor." The rustic style for their intimate wedding came naturally with the surrounding landscape, which started with their ceremony on the beaches of Point Dume, which was captured by Perpixel Photography. Daisy and Winnie walked down the aisle with their toes in the sand, holding small bouquets of green succulents, miniature daisies and yellow brunia that were the only form of decor present. Daisy wore a white wedding dress with a high neckline that was sheer down the middle, while Winnie wore a white floral-patterned sleeveless shirt with casual beige linen pants. All their guests wore neutral colors to match the day's palette, in addition to blending in with the natural scenery surrounding them. The reception took place in the backyard of a rental home in the mountains, where dining tables accented with succulents were positioned underneath string lights that added a cozy feel to the occasion. We loved the way Daisy and Winnie made their grand entrance. "We showed up on horseback to the reception for the grand entrance, as 'Unconditional' by Katy Perry played in the background," the couple says. "We wanted to have a day of fun and elegance to celebrate the special occasion."