A Natural Summer Wedding at Thorpewood in Thurmont, Maryland

Katie Brockett (30 and a special-education teacher) and Rob Brockett (28 and a senior marketing manager) became friends over Facebook. They became friends in real life once Rob moved back Stateside after living for a couple of years in France. Rob would take Katie out for a beer when she was upset because of bad first dates with other guys. It wasn't until one of Rob's friends made a pass at Katie that Rob realized he wanted to be with her. This laid-back and fun-loving couple's wedding took place at Thorpewood, a mountain retreat in Thurmont, Maryland. Their summer wedding was natural and rustic. Katie and Rob were married under a wooden wedding arch at their forest ceremony, where their guests were seated on benches made of wooden logs. Their barn reception was decorated with arrangements of books, candles and daisies. Signs written in Scrabble tiles directed guests to the dessert table, where they could find an array of cake pops, cupcakes, chocolate-drizzled popcorn and cookies. Scrabble tiles were also used to indicate table numbers. "Rob and I play Scrabble all the time, so we incorporated it into our decor," says Katie. This airy, refreshing wedding beautifully represented Katie and Rob as a couple.