A Natural, Tropical Wedding at Gannon's in Wailea, Hawaii

Kendra Papalia (26 and an education assistant/artist) and Anthony Papalia (26 and in internal sales) met in Ontario, through a mutual friend while he was visiting Canada and the United States from Australia. Anthony and Kendra spent about three days together, and that’s all it took for them to be hooked. Kendra joined Anthony on his next adventure to Niagara Falls and then New York City, where they made their relationship official. Five months later, Kendra temporarily moved to Australia to be with Anthony. The couple took a trip to South Australia to visit Anthony’s family members, and on the first day they went to Mount Lofty Summit. After they had a nice lunch at the top of the summit, they sat down on a bench and Anthony proposed. The couple had their wedding at Gannon’s, which is a restaurant located on a golf course in Maui, Hawaii. They chose to have a destination wedding since there was such distance between where their families lived. They didn’t have much of a color palette since there wasn’t much d?cor due to the beautiful tropical surroundings. However, subtle touches of yellow and blue decorated the wedding day. At the outdoor ceremony, white parasols leaned against folding chairs that faced the white draped wedding arch. The dining tables at the reception were covered with white linens, decorated with tropical flower centerpieces and blue candles.