A Natural Wedding at a Private Residence in Westport, New York

Sarah Rivas (29 and a surgical technician) and John Resnick (30 and a restaurant manager) had met a few times through mutual friends, but it wasn’t until John hired Sarah as a server for a new restaurant that he was opening that they really got to know each other. After a few months of working together, Sarah quit so that they could start dating. Fast forward a couple of years, the couple was on a vacation to Palm Springs, and on the first night, they went to their favorite restaurant followed by a romantic walk through the gardens. As the couple walked down a path, Sarah spotted a light shining down on the couple’s love letter book. John picked it up and told Sarah to read the page marked with a flower, which led her to a romantic poem that ended in, “Will you be my wife?” After she said yes, they continued walking through the garden to a surprise of all their family and friends. The couple naturally decided to have their wedding in Westport, New York, where John’s grandparents own a house where their family and friends gather each year in the summer. Sarah wore a Cascading Goddess gown from BHLDN with green mermaid shoes, and John wore a casual denim suit. Their wedding decor incorporated pine cones, a significant detail to the couple, with wildflowers wherever possible to accent the beauty of the natural surroundings. “The most fun thing about the wedding was that everyone who came, all our friends and family, was with us for at least three days, so we all got to hang out with each other and have fun. It was really a celebration about love and friendship, not just about the two of us, and that’s what really made it so amazing,” says Sarah.