A Nature-Inspired Wedding at Charles Krug Winery in Saint Helena, California

Sloane Berman, 27, a history teacher for Oakwood High School and Robert Meyer, 32, a social media manager met while working on their Master's degrees

Sloane Berman, 27, a history teacher for Oakwood High School and Robert Meyer, 32, a social media manager met while working on their Master's degrees in history at San Francisco State University. Robert asked Sloane to tutor him with Latin translations of Vergil's Aeneid. After a few tutoring sessions, Robert asked Sloane to get sushi. "Dinner turned into a four hour conversation and from then on we were inseparable!" says Sloane. A few years later, the two were on a cruise with Sloane's family to Cozumel, Honduras and Belize for New Year's when they decided to grab dinner as a family on board. Little did Sloane know that Robert was planning to propose on New Year's Eve and everyone was in on it. As they ate, a performance of one of Sloane's favorite songs, "I Can't Help Falling in Love" began to play, and Robert knew it was the right time. Since Sloane's mom was the one with the ring, Robert signaled to her to pass it along, beneath the table so she wouldn't notice. As the song ended, Robert got out of his chair and down on one knee. Since Napa Valley has always been special to these two San Franciscans, it was easy to narrow down their wedding venue choices. They ended up going with Charles Krug Winery, the oldes vineyard still in operation in the area (its doors opened in 1870!), which appealed Sloane and Robert as history buffs. "Our goal with the wedding was to let the natural beauty of Napa take center stage," says Sloane. "Nature, forests, greenery, cream and wood grain ruled our image boards during the planning process and the landscape of Charles Krug was our ultimate inspiration."

Succulent and Dusty Miller Bridal Bouquet
Charles Krug Winery Bride and Groom Photo
While looking online for wedding dresses, Sloane came across Jenny Packham's collection and instantly identified with her off-the-shoulder pieces. "I knew I wanted something that would fit with the woodsy, rustic motif, while sill looking glamorous," she says.
"I wanted my bouquet to be full of plants, not just flowers," says Sloane. "Deep green succulents, dusty miller leaves, eucalyptus, white roses, and hydrangea added texture. My bouquet looked like it had just been scooped up from a wild field."
Olive branches and leaves were present throughout Sloane and Robert's wedding day -- in Sloane's floral crown, and all of her floral arrangements as well as on all of her paper goods, including the invitation suite. Sloane says she was inspired by the landscape of the winery.
During the reception, Sloane wore an olive branch and rose floral crown in her half-up hairstyle.
Robert's groomsmen wore deep green succulent boutonnieres accented with subtle yellow billy balls secured to their gray suits.
"I had four bridesmaids. Originally, my only criteria were that they were all in the same color and length — they could choose whatever bodice style suited them," says Sloane. "Remarkably, all the girls picked the same style as their favorite, which made it pretty easy for us!"
Green and White Bridesmaid Bouquet
Wood Grain Seating Chart
"I wanted the tables to look like someone (with impeccable taste) had pulled out their old dining room tables to the lawn and set up the most wonderful dinner for all of their closest friends," says Sloane. "For that reason, we had long farmhouse tables and only a runner down the middle. Each table each had one large box of flowers with hydrangeas, olive leaves, ivy, white daisies, roses and ferns as a centerpiece."
"Because it was pouring, we had a clear tent that made the whole space glitter with dripping Edison lights and chandeliers, while it was still light out you could see the trees and rain falling and then once it got dark the whole thing glowed with a beautiful orange light that made everyone feel cozy and at home," says Sloane.
Wooden Planter Rustic Centerpieces
Olive Branch Motif Table Numbers
Green Reception Glassware
Bride and Groom Reception Photo
Black and White Reception Kiss