A Nautical Glam Wedding at the Horseshoe Bay Resort in Horseshoe Bay, Texas

Lauren Schneider (26 and a private banker) and Matthew Swann (28 and an orthopedic surgery resident) were in the same high school math class in San Antonio, Texas, during their respective sophomore and senior years. As Matt’s senioritis kicked in, Lauren decided to lend Matt a helping hand, and as a result of the time they spent together, they began dating. Their relationship continued over two years, but they sadly parted ways when Matt attended Georgetown University and Lauren moved on to Vanderbilt. After not seeing each other in five years, the two crossed paths in Charlotte, North Carolina and met up for old times’ sake. It didn’t take long for the familiar chemistry to bring them close again, and before they knew it, they were moving to Dallas, Texas. Matt proposed on a holiday trip to Vail, Colorado, where the couple had taken their first vacation together many years before. The couple had always dreamed of having a destination wedding since they both love to travel and have fun. They knew Cabo San Lucas, Mexico would provide a gorgeous backdrop for their special day and a fun atmosphere to share with their friends and family. Unfortunately, six weeks before the wedding, Hurricane Odie caused widespread destruction in the area and closed the resort where the couple had been planning their wedding for ten months. “The news was, of course, very upsetting, but we knew we had to focus on moving forward and figuring out plan B,” says Lauren. “Knowing we wanted our dream wedding by the water, we were so lucky to find the Horseshoe Bay Yacht Club available. Even though we only had four weeks before the wedding day, I was dedicated to make it work and still have the wedding of our dreams.”?We both love the winter season. It’s when we reconnected, got engaged and also when we are both able to get away to Vail each year for the holidays.