A Nautical-Inspired Wedding at Olathe Community Center in Olathe, Kansas

Erin Kilgore (30 and works in education) and Adam Meile (31 and an engineer) met online. After dating for a year, Adam proposed. They went to Kansas City’s Union Station to see the Christmas decorations and have dinner. “Adam suggested we go to the top of the parking garage to see the Kansas City skyline,” Erin says. “We walked all the way up the stairs only to find that the door to the top level was locked. We ended up walking up the ramps that the cars take. We were standing there looking at the city when I turned back around to find Adam on his knee. Everything from that moment until he slipped the ring on my finger is a bit of a blur. I know I definitely said, ‘Yes,’ several times.” Although the wedding was in Kansas, Erin and Adam wanted a nautical feel. They used navy and white stripes and red accents in everything from the stationery to the bouquets to the table linens. Erin even wore sparkly red flats for their Kansas wedding to try and give Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz a run for her money. The couple exchanged vows in the church Adam grew up in before heading to the brand new Olathe Community Center for their reception. They loved having the two venues not only close to one another, but close to home. The newlyweds and the wedding party went back to the couple’s home during cocktail hour for donuts and beer. Loving BBQ, they enjoyed Oklahoma Joe's BBQ for dinner. And being sports fans, the groom’s cake was in the shape of a baseball with the Kansas City Royals logo on it. “We’re pretty sure that gave them the boost they needed to get to the World Series a couple months later,” Erin says.