A New Year’s Eve Wedding at the Madison Hotel in Morristown, New Jersey

Jordan (25 and a development director) and John (29 and a teacher) were set up by coworkers at the high school where they both worked. Jordan was filling in as the secretary in the athletic office at the time while John was the band director. After their first date they hit it off and started dating. Jordan and John chose the Madison Hotel in Morristown, New Jersey for their wedding venue and picked New Year’s Eve for the date. “It was just so beautiful there with the Christmas decorations still up,” says Jordan. They played up the New Year’s Eve vibe by adding lots of gold and glitter to their wedding decor. One of the main events of the evening was the food. “Everyone would not stop saying how great the food and service was, so I think that reflects how professional the Madison Hotel is,” says Jordan. Everyone celebrated the new year at midnight. “We had a special request from our DJ to live stream from New York to watch the ball drop, and of course a confetti cannon right at 12:00 AM,” Jordan.