A Parisian-Inspired Black and White Wedding at the George Peabody Library in Baltimore, Maryland

After an elopement in Paris, LaKesha Smith (39 and a senior marketing manager) and Erick Proctor (35 and a network administrator) returned to Baltimore to celebrate with friends in a Parisian-themed soirée outfitted in black-and-white art deco décor. Baltimore's George Peabody Library was a fitting backdrop for the French fete. “It reminded us of the amazing architecture in Paris.” Preppy stripes accented the stationery and reception tabletops, while odes to Chanel added more French flair. The couple served the same meal in Baltimore that they ate in Paris after their ceremony at the Ritz Carlton. In addition to their wedding cake and macarons, the couple included a traditional French wedding dessert, a croquembouche. “We wanted our guests to experience Paris in every aspect of our day,” LaKesha says.